Training Programs

Our team comprises of industry experts with experience in training students or executives from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our programs are crafted taking into consideration the ever changing dynamics of a modern world. We ensure that recipients of training programs are well equipped to meet demands of a modern economy.

Accentrex Global has adopted the resolutions passed by the 97th session of International Labour Conference for holistic skill development

Continuous and seamless pathways of learning, starting with pre-school and primary education that adequately prepares young people for secondary and higher education and vocational training, going on to provide career guidance, labour market information and counselling as young women and men move into the labour market, and offering workers and entrepreneurs opportunities for continuous learning to
upgrade their competencies and learn new skills throughout their lives;

Development of core skills – including literacy, numeracy, communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving skills and learning ability

Development of higher-level skills – professional, technical and human resource skills – enabling workers to profit from or create opportunities for high-quality and/or high-wage jobs;

Employability– which results from all these factors – a foundation composed of core skills, access to education, availability of training opportunities, motivation, ability to take advantage of opportunities for continuous learning and support in doing so, and recognition of acquired skills.

Our mission is to develop a skilled workforce of international standards.

untitled-1_0009_process_trainingSoft SKills
untitled-1_0006_product_trainingProduct Training
untitled-1_0007_soft-skillsProcess Training
untitled-1_0014_management_developinhgManagement Development Program
untitled-1_0010_leadership_coursesLeadership Development Program
untitled-1_0011_network_scurityNetwork and Security
untitled-1_0002_digital-marketingDigital Marketing