Center for Robotics Research and Training (CRRT)

Accentrex Global center for Robotics Research & Training is established with a vision to promote the STEM System of education within Robotics. We provide a platform for students and Research scholar’s to associate with us for guidance & support.

At CRRT, we have a fully functional Research and Development Laboratory for Internships, Workshops and Projects in Basic Robotics, Advance Robotics, Raspberry Pi, Quadcopter and other related technologies

Our Robotics Programs
1. Wired & Wireless Robotics
2. Autonomous Robotics
3. Raspberry Pi
4. Quadcopter
5. Mobile Controlled Robot
6. Bluetooth Controlled Robot
7. Ardino Programs
8. Android Based Programming and Application

Workshops for Young Engineers
We also conduct workshops for our Young Engineers (Class 6 to 12 ) on various robotics subjects .With focus on STEM(Science,Technology,Engineering and Maths) there is a call for integrated learning programs that allow teachers to engage students in creative and meaningful ways while also meeting todays rigorous academic standards.

Setup a Robotic Lab In your School & College

With an intent of enhancing the use of STEM(Science,Technology,Engineering and Maths),Accentrex Global has come up with a program to setup live Robotics Labs in school.

Robotics always has been a niche area as well a major area of interest for youngsters, this curiosity and wow factor combined together has helped us develop and build logical thought in our students