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ThyCampus- an initiative by Thy Trainer, is a messaging and collaboration platform designed specifically to facilitate and enhance communication among students, parents, faculty members and campus administration of your educational institute.
Our mission and vision is to seamlessly connect all the 3 elements i.e School, Student and Parent which enhances our education system.


Thy Trainer is a platform to connect all the three primary stakeholders i.e Learners, Trainers and Institutes with each other.
For Learners, Thy Trainer is an online platform that helps you explore courses from a wide range of pre-schools, schools, colleges, training institutes and hobby classes, across India. We help you find the information you need while choosing the right institute for your course.
For Trainers, Thy Trainers is an online portal for trainers to showcase their profiles to the best institutes across India. We help you connect with institutes who are always on the look out for skilled trainers to train their students. Maximize your business by creating your profile with us.
For Institutes, Thy Trainer provides a platform for your institute to maximise your reach to learners by providing you with relevant learner trends from our data analytics tool. We enable you to promote your institute to learners who are looking for your courses. Thy Trainer has access to skilled trainers from various industries to provide relevant training to your students.