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Business Opportunities

According to India Brand Equity Foundation, the advertising industry is expected to grow from a Rs 51,365 crore market ( in 2016 by above 7% of GDP. The Internet’s share in total advertising revenue is anticipated to grow twofold from eight per cent in 2013 to 16 per cent in 2018. Online advertising, which was estimated at Rs 2,900 crore (US$ 429.9 million) in 2013, could jump threefold to Rs 10,000 crore (US$ 1.48 billion) in five years, increasing at a compound annual rate of 28 per cent.
Thy Campus anticipates to tap into the 315 million users in various campuses across, hence promoting a global collaboration and connect.

Franchise and Channel partners

The principle of Accentrex Global Franchise & Channel partner program is “mutually beneficial growth”. We give our partners an additional edge over their competition by collaborating at various dimensions. Boost your brand value by becoming our channel partner. Promote your clients on our platform and guarantee them maximum impressions for their investment. Position your clients for a wider audience across the country.

As our partners you will access to our audience metrics and our team will provide you with unique insights resulting to exponential mutual growth.

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